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Dinner in the vineyard at sunset

10th September 2022

 Sunset in the vineyard: fish dinner with live music
Ore: 8pm

From the vineyard to the bottle, a walk with us in the organically-run vineyard, to then arrive in the cellar, where the grapes are transformed into wine. The place where time is the protagonist, for the creation of authentic oenological masterpieces. Here we will taste the wine in the tank, produced with grapes harvested in the 2022 harvest. And then, two tastings of wine still resting on the lees with several months of aging.

Afterwards, a dinner in the vineyard, curated by Alberto Magri of the Cantina Lemine Restaurant, with our wines in combination. After the welcome drink, space for raw seafood and a sea route to be savored.

120.00€ per person - Reservation required

Info & reservation: Via Predari - 25033 Cologne (BS)
+39 3336170378