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Turra winery rises up at the foot of Monte Orfano, in the municipality of Cologne, Italy. Located in the heart of Franciacorta territory, the winery is a small but ever-growing company - undoubtedly one of the most promising ones - thanks to the passion and commitment with which Roberto Turra, owner and founder, tackles all those daily tasks essential to transform his grapes into excellent wines - one of the finest product which made Franciacorta stand out worldwide. All the enological choices, from grafting and pruning up to harvesting and bottle design, are aimed to highlight the territory and all those special scents and aromas of Monte Orfano’s subsoil that a glass of Turra Franciacorta wine can give off.


Franciacorta territory stretches out in the hilly area between Brescia and the shores of Lake Iseo, last evidence of an ancient glacier which, while melting, modeled that landscape now famous throughout the world for its terroir, particularly favorable to the cultivation of vines. As for the origins of the place name “Franciacorta”, several theories have been circulating, some of which are a blend of history and myth, thus creating an intricate but fascinating plot.
According to the most accredited one, the name has Latin origin and derives from a corruption of the term "corte franca" (free trade court), suggesting that, in ancient times, the area including those municipalities now belonging to Franciacorta enjoyed exemption from the payment of taxes, hence the word “franca” (tax free).
Today, Franciacorta is much more than a mere territory: it is a method, a production philosophy that takes inspiration from the Champagne classic production technique, enhancing it thanks to the characteristics of the area.


Turra winery cultivates twelve hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, to which Pinot Gris grapes are planned to be added. The winery is located at the foot of Monte Orfano, the only hilly relief in the whole Franciacorta area. Due to its tectonic derivations, it is a verycharacteristic area - different from all the other grape-growing areas in Franciacorta - which originated from moraines: composed of a chalky and friable calcareous conglomerate, it is rich in mineral salts. As a matter of fact, Turra Franciacorta has trusted organic products since its establishment, and it feels the need to work the land according to a genuineness- and simplicity-oriented philosophy, so to enhance the natural characteristics of its grapes, cultivated with passion and utmost care.


Turra Franciacorta believes in authentic relationships, direct contact, kindness and hospitality. Write us to visit our winery and live a cultural exciting experience, or contact us for any requests.

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