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"" It is the wine that leads me on, the wild wine that sets the wisest man to sing at the top of his lungs, laugh like a fool – it drives the man to dancing... it even tempts him to blurt out stories better never told."
Homer, The Odyssey

Like all simple things, beneath the genuine and authentic appearance of a Turra Franciacorta wine bottle lies an intricate and wise network of consistent values and strong principles. The philosophy with which Roberto Turra and his family lead all aspects of the production and distribution of their cellar and their Franciacorta wines is dominated by the desire to pay tribute to the natural landscape that they have chosen to cultivate and to enhance the primary aromas of grapes, their first love.

Terroir, Time and Perseverance.

These are the three keywords that summarize at best the magical world of Franciacorta and its wines.

Terroir: in this case, the calcareous-clayish conglomerate of Monte Orfano, rich in mineral salts and among which quartz stands out. As its name suggests (Orfano, that is to say, “loner”) this mount is unique, for it is the only, majestic relief in the whole Franciacortaterritory.

Time: if we consider that it takes at least 36 months to taste a flute of one of our Franciacorta wines, it immediately becomes clear that time proves to be a determining variable to create exceptional, complex and long-lived products such as Turra Franciacorta wines.

Perseverance: cultivating the land and making Franciacorta wines means believing in a dream, channeling all your energies and skills in the same direction, staying true to yourself and faithful to the territory.


Passion is the key point of the Turra Franciacorta philosophy, the feeling Roberto Turra is motivated by (and that he has instilled to his wife and children). This is the reason why every single day Roberto, regardless of hot sun or pouring rain, goes in person to the fields, monitoring the growth of the buds, the ripening of the bunches, the health of the shoots and the soil conditions. It is the method by which Vittoria conducts office work, managing relationships with both customers and providers. It is what his son Federico instills to the many visitors who come to the farm to discover the winery and the Classic Method through which a Turra Franciacorta product comes to life: organic farming, agronomy techniques respectful towards the inherent characteristics of the land, enological style oriented to enhance naturally the scents and aromas of Monte Orfano, a line of products so simple to awe, so pleasant to charm, so well-finished to excite


Turra winery is located in the southwest part of Franciacorta, in the municipality of Cologne, in a wonderful farmhouse where welcome and tasting rooms alternate with the processing areas: the winery, the refining area, the bottles "dressing room", the warehouse, the company shop and the portico overlooking the vineyards.


Turra Franciacorta believes in authentic relationships, direct contact, kindness and hospitality. Write us to visit our winery and live a cultural exciting experience, or contact us for any requests.

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